Mr WeirdBeard Gets Created – Part 3
From:  | February 26, 2012 | Crew Blog

Body… arms… legs… maybe a hat?   I glued up the body last night and delivered it to Lorna today.  She will cover it with terry cloth and then attach the head.   She had also been working on some

UV Reactive Mouse… eek!
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We raised some funds using the crowd funding website: That campaign closed on Valentine's day. There were a few different perks for different donation levels. One of which was UV Reactive Mice!   I've been making these mice and

IndieGoGo Almost Done!
From:  | February 13, 2012 | Crew Blog

Two months ago we launched an online funding campaign with   We were hoping to raise $2,000 dollars. We raised $6,565 online, plus another $300 hand delivered, for a total of $6,865! Simply amazing. It goes to speak to

From:  | February 09, 2012 | Cast Blog

Lots of little details. Lots of time. Lots of volunteering. And lots of fun.   The show is starting to come together! As a group, we are really coming together.   Let me describe a rehearsal.   We gather together