Our Board

WeirdBeard is governed by a dedicated Board of Directors. Many thanks to their support and cooperation.



Bernie Borden – Board Member, Fundraising & Ninja

Hi, my name is Bernadette Borden (Bernie) and I'm a volunteer with the WeirdBeard Troupe. I'm having so… much fun with all of the participants!! Thank you for allowing me to take this amazing journey with the WeirdBeard Troupe. Rock on guys.



Carolyn Guy – Board Member & Puppet Creator

I am the president of the board of directors of The WeirdBeard Troupe.  As well, I have created the large butterfly puppet and the bumblebee puppet seen during the transition between scenes in The Three Little Pigs.   I will be on hand during the night of the performances to assist as one of the crew.


I am excited to be a part of the WeirdBeard Troupe as I am inspired by Joanie Cunnigham's vision for individuals with Down Syndrome.



Joanie Cunningham – Board Member & Producer

I'm the Cruise Director on the SS WeirdBeard, sailing on the Blacklight Sea.



Kim Long – Board Member & Parent of a Puppeteer

I’m a proud board member of the amazing WeirdBeard Troupe, a parent of a future puppeteer with Down syndrome and a HUGE FAN of all the puppeteers, ninjas, stage hands and crew who bring Joanie’s ideas to life! This is an incredible experience and I am thrilled to be along for the ride!



Lorna MacLean – Board Member, Puppet Creator & Logistics

I'm Vice-President on the Board of Directors and co-puppet-maker with Joanie… she dreamed a dream, invited me along and now it just feels like I've been at a never-ending "dress-up party"! When my 2 year old grandson said "Granny, where are all your big nornange pigs gone?" I realized puppets had taken over my house and my heart. Despite the time and labour, the magic we were creating kept us smiling. Making plans for the next show before the first one is over is a sure indication we're having fun and that we're here to stay! So turn down the lights, click on the blacklight and let these great kids take you places they never thought possible.