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Lots of little details. Lots of time. Lots of volunteering. And lots of fun.


The show is starting to come together! As a group, we are really coming together.


Let me describe a rehearsal.


We gather together after supper at the local high school's lobby. Puppets in huge bags, slung over shoulders. We head up to the drama department – to a wonderful rehearsal space… stage and seating, lights and music. There is a bit of chaos as families catch up with each other. The black lights get powered up. The music gets cued up. Puppeteers get their puppets ready and get up on stage. Then Bernie or Candice lead a fast-paced warmup. This is not a warmup for wimps.


Then we work on one specific part of the show.


Now, while all this is going on, there is other stuff going on. Stuff that is unexpected. I can't describe it. But, its at the core of what we are doing. Lots of little successes. Lots of laughs. Lots of clapping.


Check out this very short video…


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