Check out photos from our cast and crew!

Red Carpet - 28 October 2014

Red Carpet photos from our show on October 28 ... the launch of Grooming WeirdBeard

Tortoise & Hare Show and Wrap Party ... 25 May 2014

Our third performance and the wrap party!

Tortoise & Hare ... 24 May 2014

Our second performance of The Tortoise & The Hare

Tortoise & Hare ... Launch!  23 May 2014

Our first performance of The Tortoise & The Hare

Red Carpet, May 25 2014

Photos from the Red Carpet for the third performance of The Tortoise & The Hare

Red Carpet, May 24 2014

Photos from the Red Carpet for the second performance of The Tortoise & The Hare

Red Carpet, May 23 2014

Photos from the Red Carpet for The Tortoise & The Hare opening night!

WeirdBeard Halifax - Cast and Crew

WeirdBeard Halifax launches their version of The Three Little Pigs!

Recording Candy Store

Bernie and Adele recorded the lyrics for "Candy Store" with Jamie Foulds at Soundpark Studios! Bernie also wrote this song!

Cast Photos - Tortoise & Hare

Here is the cast from The Tortoise & The Hare!

Team Possibles Creates Trees

Team Possibles, in Halifax, made the tree puppets for The Tortoise & The Hare.

Tortoise n Hare Puppets

What to say about our new puppets... except that they are truly amazing!

Puppet Making - Tortoise & Hare

From rough script, to character design, to build! Cape Breton, to Toronto, to Texas, and back to Cape Breton! And three more from Halifax!


An instrumental part of WeirdBeard :-)

Road Trip to Halifax

After our last show in Cape Breton in 2013, The Three Little Pigs traveled to Halifax with Team Possibles! Look for their version of the show in Halifax in the spring of 2014.

Wrap Party - April 2013

After the last performance, we all gathered for a meal, some cake, and a lot of laughs.

Red Carpet - April 2013

We had a puppet interviewer on The Red Carpet as our audience arrived! Derek Gallant did a great job capturing everything!

Show Time, April 2013

Our second instalment of The Three Little Pigs! We performed the show 5 more times to some great audiences.

Lumière 2012

Well, we did it again... our Troupe ROCKED Lumière! We did 2 condensed shows, had lots of audience participation, and some very special guest puppeteers helped us with our concluding song.

Wrap Party 2012

After doing our 2 shows of The Three Little Pigs in April of 2012, we all got together for some food and music!

Show Time, April 2012

Candid photos from our two performances at The Boardmore Theatre...

Photo Shoot of Cast Members

Each of the cast members had a personal photo shoot with our photographer, Derek Gallant (The Winning Shot Photography). Here are some of the pictures from these sessions.

Recording Pig Music

We had three original full length songs composed and recorded for our show. Here are a few pictures from the recording session for the song "Pig Paradise". Jalen Borden was the songwriter and rapper. The song was recorded at Soundpark Studios, Jamie Foulds, engineering.

Three Little Pig Puppets

We have five life-sized puppets: DJ Jazzy Hogg, Beoinkse Hogg, and Mick Hogg, BB Wolf and, of course, Mr. WeirdBeard. Our puppeteers wear the puppets, using special harnesses and straps that connect arms to arms and legs to legs. The puppeteers are dressed in black, so that they will be invisible under black light.

Puppet Making

Lorna MacLean and I worked on the puppets together. We used these two books to get us started: The Foam Book : An Easy Guide to Building Polyfoam Puppets by Donald Devet, Drew Allison, and Puppet Planet: The Most Amazing Puppet-Making Book in the Universe by John Kennedy. Then we started cutting foam and hot gluing and just figured it out.

The First Meet-N-Greet

Late April, 2011, the WeirdBeard Troupe Society held it's inaugural meeting at the McConnell Library in Sydney. It was open to the public and all those interested in learning more were encouraged to attend.