May 2014

The Three Little Pigs is WeirdBeard's first production. First launched in Cape Breton in 2012, the show was played to sold-out audiences and received standing ovations.


Now, the puppets, props and music have been loaned to an amazing group in Halifax, called Team Possibles. Team Possibles is an arts exploration group made up of young adults with Down syndrome and their peers (ages 15-30). Artist Renee Forrestall created Team Possibles in Fall 2007, for the Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society. It is an artists-run program that addresses the social, cultural, and expressive needs of the young adults through engagement, and exploration in different art forms, including: visual arts, film, and dance (music and theatre are planned for the next two years). Staffed by professional artists, Dalhousie, MSVU, and NSCAD students, and a group of core, dedicated volunteers, Team Possibles continues to develop and grow.



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Show Times: Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 2pm and Sunday, May 11, 2014 at 2pm.

Location: J.L. Ilsley High School, ArtsSpace, 38 Sylvia Ave, Halifax, NS



Team Possibles Launches Three Little Pigs




Meet the Cast

Our cast consists of a dynamic group of individuals with Down syndrome.  They are committed and excited to provide an evening of entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy.


Here are the stars of the show!



Mr WeirdBeard – handled by Will Brewer

I love photography and I lobe reading and spending my time with friends and family. I’ve been doing theatre since I was 8 years old. I like X Men. I love being a born leader.



DJ Jazzy Hogg – handled by Elliot MacNeil

I love to dace and I love music. I love to party. I am a party-feen. I love art, to cook and I’m a leader to people. I look after people having a hard time to be a better person.



Beoinkse Hogg – handled by Katie Isenor

I like watching movies (Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy). My favourite colour is blue and pink. I like sushi and pizza. I’m 25 years old. I work downtown Halifax at McInnis Cooper. I’m involved in Special Olympics and Team Possibles. I’m going to be a board member with Special Olympics and am with the Drop In Club.



Mick Hogg – handled by Hannah Hicks

I like to dance, read books. I like to do art, I love baking.



BB Wolf – handled by Adam Bauld

I like television and movie acting. I play Special Olympic baseball in Dartmouth. I go out to eat a lot.



The Butterfly – handled by Alison Murphy

I like cooking and baking. I like doing art. I like to run, golf, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, tennis, swimming & fishing. I have three jobs: volunteering at Y daycare, L’arche, and I do office work at RBR (planning office).



The Bumble Bee – handled by Eduardo Sanchez

I like art and dancing and ballet. I like to hang out with friends. I love bowling. I love to swim. I love Marie.



A Flower – handled by Jessica Hanko

I’m on Special Olympics. I’m a swimmer. I have a job at Mcdonalds and DowNStown market. I love to clean and do art. I like bowling.



A Flower – handled by Andrew Bryant

I like to be me. I’m handsome and cute. I’m proud to have this ability! I did some drama. I like magical creatures. Its lovely here. Art is life. Life is like a stage and we are all actors.





Meet the Crew

We had wonderful volunteers. Here they are…



Alanna Griffin – Director

I’m a recent grad from Dalhousie Theatre Studies. In my spare time I enjoy playing the ukelele and dancing around my room. Watch out for her show Munch-a-paloouza at Festival Antigonish, summer 2014. “These are the most enthusiastic actors I’ve ever worked with”.



Alison F – Support Worker & Ninja

I’m a nursing student at Dalhousie and a volunteer at Special Olympics. I like to read. I’m an animal lover. I like to hang out with Katie, my BFF. I like to sing.



Duncan Gillis – Set Design

Strong silent type.



Dylan Fish – Support Artist & Prop Department & Ninja

I like timbits, canoeing, and frolicking with woodland creatures. I can be found making art with Team. I’m an artist in Residence at Dartmouth Bridge Centre for Art and Technology and a recent graduate of NSCAD. On working with Team “It’s what I look forward to every week”.



Erin Laende – Team Coordinator & Ninja

I’m a visual artist working with Team since 2009. I love everything about being a part of Team Possibles including this latest venture with WeirdBeard Troupe. Thank you Joanie. Huge props to Renee Forrestall, founder of TP & my greatest inspiration.



Holly MacKinnon – Support Artist & Ninja

I like to paint. I go to NSCAD. I’m going to South Africa to complete a three month residency and internship in a high school teaching art. “Arts in Schools Initiative” organized by NSCAD. “Being involved in Team has made me more interested in arts in the community.”



James Munroe – The Voice of Mr. WeirdBeard

I'm a local musician, actor, and voiceover artist who programs and does sound design, arranging, and composition. Joanie captured my imagination and did me a great honour with the offer to voice the role of Mr. WeirdBeard for this wonderfully fun and innovative project. The wily wizard has taken up residence among the multiple personae of my already crowded head 😉 Here's hoping you find him as magical and inspiring a character as I do!



Jan Densmore – Support Worker

My favourite things to do is being with my family and friends. I love working with Alison and her friends. “It is the kind of experience I wish so many more people could experience. The closeness and community is so important for everyone involved; members and volunteers. It provides the most important girt, a sense of belonging.”



Jillian Arthur – Ninja

I like bowling, its my favourite. I work at 2 day cares and I go to Goodlife to work out.



Joy Pennick – Support Artist & Ninja

I’m a jeweller, do yoga and I’m a student again. I love traveling. “I’m having a great deal of fun. Team are the easiest, nicest people to work with”.



Karla Smith – Ninja

I love to dance and help out. I love to do office work, paper work, and making special events.”



Lynn Brimble – Support Artist & Ninja

I like to sew and go for long walks. I like to swim and paint. I’ve been working with Team for 5 years. Team is “something I look forward to every week. I think its a privilege to be able to work with this group.”



Maria Georghiou – The Voice of the Beard



Marie Webb – Set Design

I love ballet and dancing and hip hop. I like making chocolates. My favourite colour is pink, blue, and green. I like doing art, using my hands.



Megan Pegg – Support Worker & Ninja

I like volunteering at Team and helping with the blog. I’m involved with Halifax Therapeutic Riding. I enjoy reading and going for walks. “We like to celebrate everyone’s birthday and everything. Its a great social event. Its so much fun!”



Parker Donham – Script Writer




Renee Forrestall, founder of Team Possibles

I like to paint, draw, be a mom, garden. I’ve been part of team for 8 years. I love Team Possibles and everyone involved. It makes life better.



Sonya Mahe – Support Artist

I’m from CB. I moved here to go to NSCAD where Renee taught me. Volunteering here has changed my scope in what I want to do in life. I’m pursuing recreation therapy. I like quilting and oil painting. I’ve been coming to Team for three years.





WeirdBeard Halifax Supporters

Thank you to our supporters and partners: WeirdBeard Troupe, Province of Nova Scotia, HRM Recreation, Arts Express & Sabine Fels, JL Isley High School, and our many volunteers.