September 2012

In the fall of 2012, WeirdBeard was chosen to participate in Lumière Cape Breton. Lumière is an art-at-night festival that takes place in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Each year Lumière takes over the downtown core of Sydney to present fresh, exciting contemporary art projects to the public. Working with artists from Cape Breton and beyond, the festival presents innovative projects in a unique format that transforms everyday spaces in to extraordinary venues for the arts.


WeirdBeard was assigned a prime location… and underground parking lot right next to the downtown boardwalk. We had lots of space and were able to setup UV lights, a stage area, a sound system, and a backstage area. Nigel Kearns was a big part of pulling all that we needed together. Couldn't have done it without him.


Instead of performing our full show, we had an MC, Joanie Cunningham. Joanie introduced the audience to WeirdBeard and a few of the main puppets. They got to hear a song or two and even had some volunteers from the audience try out the puppets!


Check out some of the pictures from that night in our Photo Gallery.