The Puppets

Our Main Cast

The journey from a character idea to a working puppet for this production was an interesting one. A new volunteer, Mitchel Kennedy, was recruited in the fall of 2012. Mitchel is an amazing artist, who lives in Toronto, Ontario. We sent Mitchel a rough draft of the script and then set up a Skype meeting between Mitchel, some of the musicians, and our production team in Cape Breton. During this meeting, we worked out some ideas for the main characters, linking musical style to physical appearance. Then we ended the meeting and let the ideas stew over the next couple of months.


One by one, character sketches of the puppets were completed. As they appeared, they were sent to a professional black-light puppet maker in Texas, Out Of The Box Puppets. The puppet makers used Mitchel's drawings along with our requirements for ease of use to create our final puppets.


We have photos of the puppets as they were built in our Photo Gallery. Click here to see them.  And more picture of the puppets are here.



Our Supporting Cast

The Tortoise & The Hare has more puppets and props that round out the production. Team Possibles, Nigel Kearns, Steven Rolls, Lisa MacPhee, Jennifer Halliday, Carolyn Guy, Joanie Cunningham, Lorna MacLean, and Karen DeAdder all have created crazy puppets and props. Stay tuned for pictures!